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Organic Fruit Delivery

FruitShare Organic Fruit Delivery of the most delicious and nutritious farm fresh fruit in season all year long!

Enjoy organic fruit delivery to your home or office. Fruit gifts, fruit clubs, fruit fundraisers, corporate wellness and fruit recipes.

Picked Fresh.
Shipped Fast.
Always Organic.


Fruit Now Shipping

Honeycrisp and Sweet Orin apples, Asian, D'anjou and Concorde pears, pomegranates, & cranberries all 100% organic!

NEW! Just For Two!

Farm Fresh Fruit - HALF SHARE is for those who can't get enough flavorful fruit in season that comes in a gift box just the right size for two people.

Farm Fresh Fruit Club-Half Share

Fruit of the Month Club-Half Share

Get Fruit In Season
All Year Long

The Farm Fresh Fruit Club offers a fruit-in-season mixed box every other week, delivered right to your home or work.
Farm Fresh Fruit Club

Summer Fruit In Season - Organic Fruit Delivery from

Fruit In Season Mixed Box - When you open the Fruit In Season Mixed Box, you might have to flip a coin to decide what to try first. It is packed full of the best farm fresh fruit of the season, all year long.

This farm fresh fruit is picked at the peak of flavor, so it's fruit the way nature intended: full of flavor and packed with nutrients.


All Occasion Fruit Gifts - FruitShare offers Organic Fruit Gifts that are the ultimate edible gift. Perfect for family, friends and clients, a fresh fruit gift is perfect for any occasion. Per your request, we can include a personalized hand-written note.

Organic Fruit Gifts Citrus Mix from

Check out Organic Fruit Delivery for all product currently shipping.

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Its apple and pear season!! Honeycrisp apples and mixed pears, cranberries shipping now. Satsuma mandarins and grapefruit coming soon! All 100% organic of course.

Summer organic fruit delivery

November has arrived and the days for many of us will get frosty! Fall tables feature wonderful salads with apples and pears, desserts are seasonal treats like apple crisp and pies and we are ready for your Thanksgiving table.

Thinking about Holiday gift options?  We are too.  Currently we offer 3, 6, and 12 month gift subscriptions and we will be adding some new and different items soon.

Fresh, in season and always organic, choose fruit gifts by the month – in full share or half share. With all of it's flavor and nutrition, fruit of the month gift clubs are unique, memorable and appreciated with every juicy bite.

Talk with your company about receiving our fruit through the Employee Wellness Club. Check out our FRUIT LIST of organic fruit delivery for every season and provide healthy, delicious snacking at the office all year long.

Celebrate winter with organic fruits for your family, as gifts and for the holidays!

Fresh Fruit Gift Certificate - Organic Fruit Delivery from

Organic Fruit Gift Certificate

Eat Healthy All Year Long

FruitShare works with small family farmers who give their fruit plenty of tender loving care. The farm fresh fruit we ship is ripened on the tree, bush or vine until it is at the peak of flavor. Only then is it harvested - often by hand.

After the fruit is picked, it is delivered to our customers as quickly as possible, arriving within a few days of being harvested. The taste of our fruit is unbeatable because of the attention and care that it is given from start to finish.

Fresh. Delicious. Organic. Nutritious.
FruitShare delivers.

Fruit in Season: Summer | Organic fruit Delivery from

No matter the season, using our convenient organic fruit delivery options you can select one of our Fruit Clubs, sign up for each Full Season, or even order a Full Year, to guarantee that you have fresh organic fruit always within arms reach.

Who We Are and Why Our Fruit Rocks

Fruit Gifts

All the love and care poured into FruitShare fruit also makes our boxes fantastic fruit gifts for any occasion. With the option to include a personal handwritten note, a fresh fruit gift says everything from "congratulations on your new baby," and "happy birthday," to "get well soon," and "thank you." Organic fruit gifts can simply say, "I love you!" to family and friends all across the U.S. More about our Fruit Gifts for any occasion ...

About Fruit Gift Baskets

At FruitShare, we're committed to delivering the most delicious, most nutritious organic fruit in season. For that reason, our farm fresh fruit arrives in Fruit Gift Boxes with specially-designed packaging to ensure maximum fruit freshness. Rather than using excessive packaging and delaying shipment by creating fruit gift baskets, our boxes are environmentally friendly. And our fruit gift boxes make sure all of the fruit arrives in great condition. Picked Fresh. Shipped Fast. Always Organic. That's FruitShare.

Fruit Clubs

Our Fruit of the month Club, Employee Wellness Fruit Club and the popular bi-weekly Farm Fresh Fruit Club offer terrific options for your family, for gifts, for a college student away from home, for school or for the office. More about our Fruit Clubs ...

Corporate Wellness

Learn how employee wellness programs benefit your employees - their health, morale and productivity - as well as your company's financial health. FruitShare's fruit in season and fruit clubs are also unique and most appreciated client and employee gifts. More about Corporate Wellness ...

Fruit Fundraisers

By bringing top-quality organic fruit to your neighbors and friends, you can raise money in a way that's actually healthy. Instead of selling cookies or candy (or wrapping paper), you can sell the most delicious fruit you've ever tasted - a much better way to raise money for your school, team, or organization. More about our short-term and ongoing Fruit Fundraising Programs ...

FruitShare Customer Favorites

Check out our regularly updated Fruit Recipes section where you can even share your own.

Sign up for our Weekly e-Newsletter. It's a quick and easy read keeping you in the loop about which fruits in season are currently shipping, FruitShare events, nutrition and health tips and a fantastic fruit recipe.

Our very popular Fruit List organizes our organic fruit delivery by season. It features more information about specific fruits and "the best of" by season as well.

Your Questions and Comments about FruitShare Organic Fruit Delivery are always welcome. Thanks for visiting.

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Corporate health and wellness starts with healthy eating.

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FruitShare Fruit Clubs offer the best organic fruit in every season.

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