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Feeling Peachy?  Health Benefits of Peaches

We love our organic Colorado peaches.  Not surprisingly, our favorite way to eat a peach is to simply take a big bite out of it--usually leaning over the sink because there is so much juice!  Not only are peaches a sweet taste of summer, they are also a powerhouse in the health department, delivering powerful disease fighting antioxidants and loads of potassium in every juicy bite.

First , the skin: unless the recipe depends upon it, leave the peach skin on.  Of course, you know that FruitShare  peaches have been grown organically so that the skins themselves are OK to eat.  Simply wash the peach and in the process gently rub off the peach fuzz while the water is running over the peach.  Now you are ready to bite in.  Peach skin is chalk full of antioxidants and is high in Vitamins C and A.  Antioxidants help in hunting down and eliminating free radicals and protect the body against the harmful effects of various diseases, even cancer.

According to one study by researchers at Texas A & M, peaches actively fight cancer: tumors did not grow in subjects (mice) given peach extract - and the disease did not spread to other parts of the body. Be mindful, though - the cancer-fighting compounds are not stable when heated, so canned peaches do not have the same powerful effects.

Further, nothing beats the vitamin C in peaches for your complexion.  In fact we tried a homemade peach mask using only two ingredients.  There is a reason peaches are used in the cosmetics industry.   Vitamin C in peaches help in sloughing off dead skin cells making skin appear lighter and brighter.  And the antioxidants will help clear blemishes and spots.

Peaches are also high in beta-carotene, which gets converted into vitamin A in the body. Beta-carotene plays an important role in maintaining healthy eyesight.  An investigative research study has shown that the carotenoids, lutein, and zeaxanthin present in peaches have positive effects associated with a reduced prevalence of nuclear cataract and age related macular degeneration.  It turns out its not just carrots that are good for the eyes!

Another little known benefit of our organic peaches: did you know that they are also loaded with minerals like potassium?  Potassium works with sodium to maintain the body's water balance.  Your body also uses potassium to help digest foods, regulate your heart rate, and lower blood pressure.

And the hidden benefits continue: including peaches in your diet can help calm stress and anxiety.   In fact, peaches are considered and Ayurvedic therapy for balancing the nervous system.  Our organic peaches are also a great way to help control weight.  Low in calories, with zero fat, peaches are a great lunchbox addition.

Of course the best way to enjoy peaches is fresh or frozen vs cooked or canned.  So go ahead and enjoy a fresh organic peach or two a day.  Your body will thank you.

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