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How to Ripen A Peach

Enjoying a juicy ripe peach is one of the joys of summer and at FruitShare we work very hard to bring you the best peaches in the land.  But when it comes to ripening, there is no perfect science.  We recommend the following:

First of all, open your box when it arrives and unpack your peaches immediately.  While we ship firm peaches out to you, travel time starts the ripening process.  If left in the box and packaging on your counter the peaches can quickly break down.  Remember organic peaches are not treated with fungicides like conventional peaches so that there is a higher risk of developing mold or brown spots.  If this occurs simply cut around this section of the peach and enjoy the rest (don't throw the baby out with the bathwater).

Peaches are ripe when they give slightly to thumb pressure.  Leave a peach or two out on the counter and place the remaining peaches in the fridge.  Check morning and night.  If your peach is getting soft, eat it or return to the fridge to enjoy later.  

And remember, beauty is more than skin deep!  Sometimes peaches that don't look so great still are wonderful to eat and use for cooking. In fact we had a few at the FruitShare office that looked like they were done for--getting soft and with some bruising, and they were amazing despite appearances.  We also used some very ripe peaches for peach ice-cream--and the results were delicious! 








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