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As Different as Apples and Oranges

Imagine two flight paths: Bee versus butterfly. One is direct, the other meandering. You may not realize it, but nearly all of the produce you see in conventional grocery stores travels from field to shelf like the butterfly. A very slow, easily distracted butterfly.

Best case scenario, it takes weeks for fruit to get from the farm to your table. Not an uncommon scenario: it takes months!!  Plenty of wax is involved to try and preserve moisture content, of course, along with other long-term preservation techniques. The apple that once was perfectly crisp turns to mush in transit, steadily losing taste and nutrition along the way.  Thus New Zealand, Argentinian and Chilean apples picked in February are still on shelves in December, 9 months after harvest.

FruitShare, on the other hand, make a beeline from orchard and field to your table. Since we don't use pesticides or wax, you’ll enjoy great tasting, nutritious fruit year round, in-season and picked at its prime.

You’ll also enjoy knowing where your fruit came from. Our growers are among the best organic farmers in the nation, and you can read more about them in our newsletters included with every shipment.

Thanks for browsing our site. Make sure you take a look at the nutritional values of fresh produce and also learn how organics promote healthier living and a healthier planet.

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