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Missing Your Starbuck's Unicorn?


Missing your Starbuck's limited edition Unicorn drink?  No worries, you can make your own!  At Fruitshare™, We set out to re-create the fanciful unicorn drink and our testers (kids) agree its a winner.  Our unicorn is made with organic ingredients and without anything that you might not be able to pronounce!  For this version we went all in—including organic dairy and a bit of sugar for maximum flavor.  But you will see that you can easily modify and change this to create whatever your little unicorn heart desires!

Ingredients (makes 2-3 servings)


  • 3 ripe organic or mangoes (our favorites are the champagne variety)
  • 1 cup  organic milk  ** substitute organic soy milk
  • 1 cup ice cubes
  • 1 T organic sweetened condensed milk (While we never include this in our breakfast smoothies, it adds a little extra zoom here).  Omit if Dairy free
  • natural red food coloring (optional)

Blue Sour Syrup (AKA unicorn blood)

  • organic honey
  • organic lemon juice
  • organic corn starch
  • natural blue food coloring (see what we found below!)


  • 1 cup whipping cream
  • a cap of vanilla
  • 1 T powdered sugar
  • **if you are going dairy free you will need to use coconut cream in place of whipping cream

First of all, you will notice that most of our ingredients are organic.  We love this and know that for so many of our FrutShare customers this is important.  But hey, we also know that everyone falls into or out of the organic camp based on preferences, availability and budgets!

For this recipe we included the organic champaign mangoes (Ataulfo variety) because they are smooth and creamy and just plain delicious.  Other mango varieties will work too.

Make sure the mangos are ripe--they should be soft to the touch and the skin should even be a bit wrinkly.  This is key as it adds natural sweetness to the drink.  Your mango should be deep yellow orange and juicy when you cut it like below:

 To Make:

Blue Sour:  Optional but according to our tasters important.  Now for this we made our best version though we know some of you scientists may come up with other solutions. Combine 1-2 T honey, lots of lemon juice (for this we used Volcano lemon burst but you can also use fresh squeezed).  Next add food coloring (already dissolved in a few drops of water.  Mix.  For a thickening agent we used corn starch.  We were going for a thicker texture for the sour syrup and this is what we came up with—while it doesn't taste great on its own our testers did appreciate the sour flavor it added to the drink! 

 We were very excited to find these coloring kits made from nature at Whole Foods.  Both colors worked great.  And guess what the blue one was made from:  Spirulina!  Of course you can leave these out of the drink but that is half the fun!


Next prepare your whipped cream.  We make our own using a CO2 cartridge and "The Whipper".  Our stand by whipped cream recipe whether you are using a mixer or cartridge style appliance is: 1 cup heavy whipping cream, 1 T powdered sugar, and one cap vanilla extract.  Prepare the whipped cream.

Now you are ready to make the Unicorn and assemble!  Add mangos - peeled and diced, milk, ice cubes, sweetened condensed milk and a bit of the red food coloring into a blender and mix.  We prefer our Vitamix blender for for smoothie making!  Blend until smooth.  

Pour a small amount of blue sour syrup into the bottom of your glass.  Next add pink unicorn smoothie drink, top with whipped cream and then top with more blue sour syrup.  Enjoy.  Be satisfied that you have made this amazing drink even better with organic fruit (hopefully from FruitShare!) and other organic ingredients.  Best when served immediately but can easily be frozen and enjoyed later.







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