Employee Wellness

See how employee wellness programs can affect your bottom line

Employee Wellness Programs are an important part of any business. Employee wellness doesn't just mean healthier employees - though it has been proven to improve health and morale. Employee Wellness Programs have an impact on your business' finances. 

Studies show that for every $1 businesses spend on corporate health and wellness, they get a return of $4 in reduced health care costs and a return of $5 in reduced absenteeism. Simply put, that's because healthy employees are not sick - they need fewer days off and fewer doctor visits.

Part of a good workplace wellness program is eating well. That's where FruitShare comes in, with our Employee Wellness Club. Specially designed for businesses, this fruit club delivers a box - or several boxes - of fruit to your office every week. Employees have easy access to farm fresh fruit, which replaces unhealthy options like chips, donuts and candy bars. 

The other component of a good employee health and wellness program is exercise. Encourage your employees to take 10-minute walks throughout the day. Have a daily group exercise break for physical activity. There are plenty of easy exercises that are suitable for the office. 

At its core, corporate health and wellness is about creating a culture of health at work. It doesn't have to be difficult; in fact, FruitShare's Employee Wellness Club makes it as easy as possible, since you automatically receive healthy organic fruit every week. You'll see and experience the positive results of your Employee Wellness Programs.