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Organic Blueberries 3 pt

Organic Blueberries - If you love organic blueberries, look no further.  FruitShare's fresh blueberries are grown by the best small organic farmers, and their expertise is evident in the quality and taste.

We call these little numbers "superblues," because they are so delicious and nutritious. Fresh blueberries are ranked #1 in antioxidant content when compared with 40 other fresh fruits and vegetables, which is how they've earned a reputation as the premier "superfood." Perfect for eating fresh, baking, using in smoothies, and even freezing for a cold summer snack, we can't get enough of these amazing fresh blueberries.

This box includes 3 pints of blueberries. We ship blueberries mid-June through July.  Due to the delicate nature of this item, we strongly recommend selecting 2-day Express shipping at checkout.