fruitshare founder everett myersHow does a person learn the taste of spring? Of summer? For Everett Myers, a lifetime of learning began on his family farm near Stillwater, Minnesota. As a boy, he ate carrots pulled straight from the soil, spring peas snapped from the vine. A large organic garden augmented family meals year round. Everett grew up knowing how food is supposed to taste, and this knowledge set him on a path that leads straight to FruitShare today.


In college, Everett studied ecology and later served two years with the Peace Corps in Ecuador. Working with local farmers, he observed firsthand the dangers of chemical pesticides, and he spearheaded efforts to reduce the amount of pesticides being used and taught safer application methods.

Everett also started organic community gardens in Ecuador, and when he returned to Minnesota, he began raising organic vegetables and fruit on his family farm. He partnered with neighbors and grew the business with them as Red Cardinal Farm, a community supported agriculture (CSA) farm that also delivered to food co-ops and top restaurants.

New experiences and insights followed at a wholesale distributor in Minneapolis, where he worked as an organic produce buyer. It was here that he observed firsthand the advantages and disadvantages of modern distribution and shipping.

Everett knew that people wanted fresh produce, picked at its peak, packed carefully and shipped fast. But he also knew most people rarely had the chance to enjoy delicious fruit because obstacles and inefficiencies severed direct connections to actual growers.

FruitShare was born to bring fresh fruit home. And not just any fruit, but organic produce that sustains and nourishes both land and people.

Order your share today. And explore our site to learn how we work, why we’re unique and why the freshest fruit provides the greatest nutritional benefits.