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Organic Opal Apples are a Customer Favorite!

Opal apples are a newer variety that is a big hit.  They are a cross between Golden Delicious and Topaz. These are some of the first organic Opal apples grown in the U.S.  The trees were only planted 5 years ago.  Aside from the natural russeting around the stem and some tiny brown flecks, the skin is smooth, thick, and bright yellow, like a lemon. The white flesh underneath is crisp and juicy, with a resounding crunch, similar to a Honeycrisp. This variety is very sweet and they don’t brown easily after cutting so they are great to slice and enjoy or add to a salad.

• In- season apples fresh from the farm

• Makes a wonderful fruit gift young and old will enjoy

• Organic fruit delivery right to your doorstep

Contains 24 organic Opal apples.